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Waking from a Fallen Dream

This is a story of learning to live from the heart. It’s about choices: the power of choice, the responsibility of choice, and the freedom of choice. It’s not a “New Age” treatise, or a religious call to arms. It is not anti-Christian, or pro-Christian. It’s not an attempt to convince anyone of a doctrine of faith or a particular way of life. It’s really about giving permission to question any and all assumptions one has about what is truth. It is about giving permission to search, question, explore, expand, and live and love, without limit. I have given myself this permission, and this book is about what I have discovered along the way. 

“Waking from a Fallen Dream” is the title of a song I wrote years ago, but it resonates with this theme of lifting the veil of all the beliefs that I have taken for granted as being true. Beliefs that have bound me into robotic, repetitive cycles of behavior where vital energy has been compressed and creativity thwarted. If life is as a fountain, growing, expanding, renewing, evolving, then I view these beliefs as dams upon its rivers, attempts to hold back the powerful currents of expanding consciousness in some vain attempt to control.


—From the Introduction

Heartbeat of the Soul

Poems of the Journey Home

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A Whale of a Tale to

Unravel the Veil

and Release Ancient Memory

from the DNA Trail

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All rights reserved.

From the introduction ...

“Written in prose, but read like a poem, this is a story of my own journey home, home to the Soul into which I have grown, while getting off the third dimensional merry-go-round, where fear of survival is the talk of the town, and the brain takes leave of the higher mind.


I invite you to consider that life is a river, it has no beginning and its end is forever, unfolding like space-time in multiple dimensions, Universe within Universe, birthing and delivering, life-energy flowing deep in our knowing, within the Star of Creation, wherein its all unfolding.

So dive in and swim and let go of belief, pull up your anchors and paddle your feet, dare to expand to where you’ve always been, in that deep sacred memory of your heart’s imagining.”