Heartbeat of the soul

This book is a memoir.  Printed in 2007, it tells the story of my early years of choices and consequences,  the many hats I wore, beliefs I carried, and what I learned about letting them go.  This is available through



To find out more about Jonah and his teachings, and about Hossca Harrison, the medium for Jonah and teacher of Life Energy Flow Tai Yi, search the website below.

Life is a wonderful mystery, its beauty, complexity, and its simplicity, within us to unfold. We’re taught that healing is painful, and takes time.  But what if the greater part of us is outside time, in the Soul reality of ever expanding wonder, in higher dimensions and infinite connections to all that is, and accessible in our heart of hearts as we allow the limited beliefs we’ve adopted to drop away and our innate intelligence within to flow freely?

We live in a world of third dimensional frequencies, where we are taught we are limited to experiences of separation and the suffering it creates.  We have largely abdicated our creative and imaginative power to external authorities of religion and the “powers that be”, because we were programmed that way.  We have not been educated to trust the wisdom that lies within us, within our ancient memory, our innate inner knowing as Souls never separate from the Universe (all of life) and the unconditional loving Source that beats at its core. 

Always looking outside of our own consciousness for the power to free us from pain, from struggle, from the effects of our thoughts, feelings, and actions as humans on this planet.

My new book, Heyokah , is my expression of stretching into this greater mystery of life, with a non-linear, imaginative, playful passion, to reclaim my power and awareness I had given away by falling asleep here, while surrendering my ability to choose and create a reality that suits my multidimensional God-essence and the love therein. 

I’ve learned that it is important to question the “traditions”  that have “educated” me to believe in a reality that is really an illusion, “shadows on the wall” as Plato put it.  Partial pictures from the mere 5% of what our scientists can detect, ignoring the 95% that extends beyond this hologram, in both energy and consciousness. 

If we accept the box we’re told is what is “real”, we miss the magic and the bliss of what truly is real, in our higher mind’s eye, and our Universal beating heart. 

We are not animals.  We are Souls, and our spirits dance with every higher dimension string theorists contemplate.  We have just forgotten.  The Elite on this planet would have us drugged and poisoned and dumbed down to live in fear of our survival, and be easily manipulated.  An awakened Soul cannot be controlled.  It knows its place in the great mystery, beyond this illusion, where eternal tranquility and self-honoring love are ubiquitous,  vibrating with sovereign joy throughout the reality it creates, even while the illusion continues to be, as a kind of hologram beyond the hologram, where fear of survival does not exist. 

Jonah is a consciousness, speaking through a medium, Hossca Harrison, that has been my greatest teacher in this lifetime, perhaps many lifetimes, offering tools and energy for healing, seminars for triggering ancient memory, private sessions for deeper self empowerment, and a powerful presence of unconditional love.  My gratitude to Jonah is beyond words. 

“A whale of a Tale to Unravel the Veil, and Release Ancient Memory from the DNA Trail”